Speak in one voice across all customer communication channels, both voice and digital

Natural Language

Easy-to-use, productive, conversational, and intelligent customer interactions

Single KnowledgeBase

Integrated and real-time data on all inquiries, across all channels, supported by advanced reporting & analytics

How does it work?

Self-Service as a Service Platform


“This has transformed the way we train and retain our agents. By enabling our customers to self-service for many of our call types, our live agents are much happier. They spend more quality time on trust-based inquiries and building customer relationships.”

Assistant VP, Customer Service

National Insurance Company

“Our CSAT scores have never been better. Customers can now get the answers they want, whenever they want, through the communication channel of their choice with no wait times.”

Director, Call Center Operations

Catalog Company

"Verascape is very easy to work with.  I was surprised at how smooth the implementation was.  Plus, with their pay-for-performance pricing model, there is no upfront fees and we only pay when they successfully take care of a customer and save us money."

VP of Operations

National Retailer

“We counted on Verascape, and they came through for us in a big way!”

Cindy Dziendziel

Orchard Brands

“Verascape is not just a vendor… they are a partner for success.”

Keith Martin

American Greetings Interactive



Give your customers conversational speech and chatbot self-service solutions across all communication channels powered by artificial intelligence, real-time data integration, natural language processing, machine learning, and advanced analytics.

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