Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA)

An IVA powered by Conversational AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), real-time data integration, and advanced analytics - resulting in some of the highest success rates in the industry.

Automation Applications

Intent specific automation applications fully resolve many inquiries without your customer ever needing to speak with a live agent. These can also be deployed without an IVA.

Personalized Service

Understands caller intent and customer information to determine how to best handle an engagement.

No Set-up Fees and Success-based Pricing

No development or set-up fees so you don’t have the financial risk typically inherent with new solution implementations. You are charged a small transaction fee only when the IVA or Automation Applications resolve a caller’s inquiry.

How it Works

Your system. Our heavy lifting.

Since Verascape integrates with every IVR, contact center platform, and data repository, our cloud-based solutions seamlessly fit within your existing technical environment.

Intelligent Screen Pops.

Verascape uses Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) to provide live agents with valuable knowledge about a customer through Intelligent Screen pops — allowing them to continue a transferred engagement seamlessly.

Resolve with confidence.

Many inquiries are resolved with intent specific Automation Applications. This means your customers never need to speak to a live agent — reducing agent burden as well as operating costs. We continuously analyze and optimize every aspect of an automation application to ensure the best customer journey and highest success rates.

Omni-channel coverage.

Whether your customer calls, texts, chats, or emails, Verascape has all your communications channels covered. And if your customers have a specific request that requires a live agent, they can bypass the custom agent queue as needed.

Our Pricing Model

No development or setup fees

Your IT group will love you. Verascape integrates seamlessly with your existing technical environment, with no development or set up fees.

Pay per success

Success-based pricing, which means you are charged a small transaction fee only when the IVA resolves a caller’s inquiry.

Free 30-day proof of concept

Try the Verascape IVA for FREE for 30 days to prove its value and see how it can transform your contact center.

Verascape Case Study - Medical Lab

Featured Case Study

See how Verascape dramatically improved success rates and cost savings for a national medical diagnostics company’s self-service IVR application.

“Not only is the solution better than our old one, but your team has been great to work with, very responsive, and your expertise has been appreciated.”

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“We have been very pleased with the performance of the Verascape platform. Not only is the solution performing better than our old one, but your team has been great to work with, very responsive and your expertise has been appreciated.”

Director, Business Operations and Technology

Quest Diagnostics

“This has transformed the way we train and retain our agents. By enabling our customers to self-service for many of our call types, our live agents are much happier. They spend more quality time on trust-based inquiries and building customer relationships.”

Assistant VP, Customer Service

National Insurance Company

“Our CSAT scores have never been better. Customers can now get the answers they want, whenever they want, through the communication channel of their choice with no wait times.”

Director, Call Center Operations

Catalog Company

"Verascape is very easy to work with.  I was surprised at how smooth the implementation was.  Plus, with their pay-for-performance pricing model, there is no upfront fees and we only pay when they successfully take care of a customer and save us money."

VP of Operations

National Retailer

“We counted on Verascape, and they came through for us in a big way!”

Cindy Dziendziel

Orchard Brands

“Verascape is not just a vendor… they are a partner for success.”

Keith Martin

American Greetings Interactive

Free 30-Day
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Give your customers conversational self-service solutions across all communication channels powered by AI, real-time data integration, natural language processing, machine learning, and advanced reporting and analytics.

If your business handles over 50k calls annually, Verascape can help you streamline your contact center processes.

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