Virtual Agent

Verascape’s Virtual Agent, allows you to answer the phone, reply to SMS, web chat, messenger apps, and Voice Assistants with conversational speech or text. This capability, combined with other Verascape Self-Service as a Service solutions like Customer Service, Automated Payments, Intelligent Call Routing, and Order Processing will immediately set your brand apart from the competition.

Intelligent Screen Pops

Verascape uses Computer Telephony Integration, or CTI to enable companies to provide their contact center agents with valuable knowledge about a customer before they pick up the phone or respond to a digital inquiry. This is accomplished with an intelligent “screen pop.” A Screen Pop is a window that pops up on an agent's computer screen that displays information about the customer like name, address, interaction history, and other relevant information. Verascape’s Virtual Agent allows you to answer inquiries with conversational speech, facilitate self-service when appropriate, and/or intelligently route customers to the right live agent.