Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) as a Service

Verascape’s Intelligent Virtual Agent, or IVA for short, eliminates long wait times, complicated menus, and lack of personalization. It resolves most customer inquiries with conversational AI and automation that engages with your customers naturally and effectively. It’s like having your best agent immediately answer every inquiry, every time. This improves the customer experience, eases the burden on live agents, AND reduces operational costs.

The Verascape Intelligent Virtual Agent has many pretrained self-serviceable intents including the Where, What, When, Why and How questions so your customers don’t ever need to speak to a live agent for these inquiries. Your company’s specific brand messaging will be employed, and the IVA will continuously evolve as it learns your customers’ nuances. In addition to understanding the caller’s intent, the IVA will recognize your customer and their history to determine why they are calling, and how to best handle the engagement. This creates a highly personalized experience that will delight your customers.

Verascape's omnichannel IVA is powered by Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and real-time data integration that results in the highest success rates in the industry.

We fit seamlessly between your customer, your contact center platform, and your data sources to provide a world-class customer experience. Verascape’s IVA solutions require no new hardware or software. We easily integrate with your existing contact center infrastructure and technologies.

Success Based Pricing

We are only successful if you are

Verascape offers success-based pricing, which means you are charged a small transaction fee only when the IVA resolves a caller’s inquiry. A large portion of calls never need to go to your agents’ call queues so their valuable time can be spent on higher value and trust-based engagements.

There are no development costs or set up fees, so you don’t have the financial risk typically inherent with new solution implementations.

Leading the way since 2000.

Verascape has been making Contact Center, Operations, IT, and Financial executives look good since 2000, and we are still leading the way. Some of the world’s largest and most trusted brands rely on Verascape to provide cloud-based Intelligent Virtual Agents to engage their most valuable asset – their customers. Contact us today to see how we can help you.