Verascape utilizes the same advanced automation technologies for our outbound notifications, providing you with unmatched functionality and opportunity.


Interactive, professional, and timely conversations with customers that you initiate.


Precision scheduling that enables you to optimize your customer's availability.


Context-sensitive application scripting that dynamically changes based on customer responses.


Capacity to initiate hundreds of simultaneous calls.

SMS Capabilities

Short message service (SMS) solutions that compliment phone channel notifications.


Technology that distinguishes human voice from answering machines — and dynamically selects the appropriate script.

Lower Abandon Rates

No “transfer delay” common with most auto-dialers and therefore much lower abandon rates.


Full compliance with FCC auto-dialing and Do‑Not‑Call rules.

Real-Time Web-Based Reporting

Real-time, web-based reporting that allows you to continually monitor your caller’s performance.

Graphical Reporting

Graphical reporting for easy executive consumption.