Order Processing Solutions

Automation That Protects Your Brand.

Every positive experience your customer has with you goes a long way in making sure they come back again and again — but only if the order processing is simple, smooth, AND accurate. It is critical to have a simple, productive, responsive dialogue with your customer. At Verascape, we understand this. We process tens of thousands of real-time self-service re-orders and new orders every month for our customers.

Re-Orders Made Easy

Verascape offers a self-service re-order processing solution that is easy to use, productive, efficient, and PCI Level 1 compliant. What differentiates Verascape from our competitors is our expertise in understanding and working with data. We leverage existing customer data to understand your customers, products, and services to make the re-order process productive and efficient. Our understanding of your data also allows us to more effectively up-sell and cross-sell on your behalf.

Advanced Data Capture

Verascape’s advanced speech recognition technologies and data integration expertise allows us to more efficiently capture, understand, and transmit the data critical to productive new order and re-order processing.

  • Full Order Header Capture
  • SKU and Quantity Selections
  • Credit/Debit Card Collection
  • Ship-To/Bill-To Address Collection
  • Shipping Method Collection
  • Real-Time Update of Order Database
  • Full Up-Sell/Cross-Sell Capabilities
  • Delivery of Order Confirmation Details
  • Delivery of Order Confirmation Number