We use customer data, AI, and Machine Learning technologies for real-time intelligent call routing decisions. Our Intelligent Call Routing employs scoring algorithms to determine customer status, purchase history, demographics, credit qualifications, and many other additional data points. We utilize CTI for intelligent screen pops.

Scoring can be as simple or as complex as necessary for the circumstance. You can score on dozens of different variables. Our Intelligent Call Routing maps to your business rules and routes calls appropriately.

  • The best customers to best available agents.
  • Agents are prompted ahead of call on appropriate credit offers and payment plans.
  • Agents are prompted to present ‘best chance’ offers, up-sells, and cross-sells.
  • Real-time decisioning engages agents during call center peak periods so valuable agent time is optimized.
Lead Capture and Queue Prioritization

We quickly identify the customer and find their order information. We present the customer with summary order status and then let them guide us on details they want — all the way to line item detail. Verascape integrates with the third-party shippers in order to provide callers with the most up-to-date status.

Optimized Selling

Every customer interaction has the potential to be a revenue opportunity. Agent/customer communication time is precious, and irrelevant up-sells or cross-sells are lost opportunity. Scoring customers with our Intelligent Call Routing solutions before they engage with your agents will optimize the brief interaction time available. Think revenue-per-minute and you’ll appreciate the benefits of Verascape’s Intelligent Call Routing.

Real-Time Credit Profiles

Our Intelligent Call Routing solution can score callers on their credit profile instantly, enabling you to assess the probability of a good or bad risk offer... before you actually interact with the customer. We use a highly predictive, proprietary algorithm that will reduce your credit application failures and reduce your bad debt exposure.