We offer a complete suite of omni-channel self-service solutions for customer service operations.

Our successful transaction rates lead the industry — in some cases up to 3x more successful than our competitors. Our self-service solutions can answer many customer service inquiries, including:

We quickly identify the customer and data attributes that are relevant to you, whether this information is available from your internal systems or through third party data sources. This allows you to have a deeper and more personalized interaction with who is making the inquiry.


With a deeper understanding of who is making the inquiry and their relationship with you, we are able to provide the appropriate customer journey that creates the best customer experience. A great customer experience is critical to your brand promise and developing valuable customer relationships.


A sizeable majority of customer service inquires involve “where” questions. “Where is my order?”; “Where are you located?”; “Where can I find product…?”. “Where” customer service inquiries are typically the easiest to satisfy through self-service.


Verascape will help you understand why a customer is calling even before you pick up the phone. We utilize millions of data attributes and advanced algorithms to help create a customer journey that is personalized, relevant, and productive. Additionally, many “Why” inquiries can be handled through automated self-service.


“When” customer service inquiries are also a great opportunity for self-service. Verascape integrates with all of the large third-party shippers that allow us to precisely inform your customers on when they will receive the items or information they are looking for.


“How” questions are some of the most redundant and easiest inquiries to satisfy through self-service. “How do I return…?”; “How do I get…?”; “How much do I owe….?; “How many points do I have?”, etc. Verascape helps our customers reduce costs tremendously by providing a self-service solution for the many “how” customer service inquires.