Conversational speech and chatbot self-service solutions for financial services

Automated Payments

We quickly identify and verify the customer. We can process payments over the phone or other text-based channels using pre-established payment information on file. We also process a variety of other payment options, including debit, credit, and ACH over the phone and through a secure mobile payment gateway. Verascape is merchant processor agnostic.

Outbound Alerts

Verascape utilizes the same advanced automation technologies for our outbound call applications, providing financial service companies with unmatched functionality:

  • Payment reminders
  • Payment verification
  • Overdue notifications

Account Inquiries

Utilizing live agents for simple and repetitive tasks — such as account inquiries — is costly and unnecessary. Verascape’s automated customer engagement platform identifies and authenticates the customer, then provides them with their detailed account information across all communications channels at a fraction of the cost of live agents. Verascape provides a full suite of account inquiry applications, including:

  • Balance Inquiries
  • Payment Due Date
  • Last Payment Made
  • Minimum Amount Required
  • Alternate amount requests