Easy to Use, Conversational, and Intelligent Customer Self-Service Solutions for Financial Services

Verascape helped one financial services company save $2.7 million in just the first year. They used the savings to improve training and agent retention.
Automated Payments

We quickly identify and verify the customer. We can process payments over voice or digital channels using pre-established payment information on file. We also process a variety of other payment options including debit, credit and ACH in a PCI compliant environment.

Outbound Alerts

Verascape utilizes the same advanced automation technologies for our outbound call applications, providing Financial Service companies with unmatched functionality:

  • Payment reminders
  • Payment verification
  • Overdue notifications
  • Policy information

Account Inquiries

Utilizing live agents for simple and repetitive tasks such as Account Inquiries, is very costly and unnecessary. Verascape’s Self-Service as a Service identifies and authenticates the customer then provides them with their detailed account information at a fraction of the cost of live agents. Verascape provides a full suite of Account Inquiry applications including:

  • Balance Inquiries
  • Payment Due Date
  • Last Payment Made
  • Minimum Amount Required
  • Alternate amount requests
  • Policy FAQs

Insurance Claim Status and Filing

Verascape provides your policy holders with an effortless self-service experience to get status on filed claims or file a new claim. Our outbound alerts provide Insurance companies with unmatched functionality:

  • Claims Updates
  • Premium Due Notifications
  • Payment Received Notifications
  • Reinstatement Notifications