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Verascape provides hosted, cloud-based, self-service solutions across ALL contact center communication channels, both phone and digital, by combining state-of-the-art automation technologies with real-time data integration. The result is reliable, on-demand customer support at a fraction of the cost of live agents.

Give your customers conversational speech and chatbot self-service solutions across all communication channels powered by artificial intelligence, real-time data integration, natural language processing, machine learning, and advanced analytics.

* Call volume must be over 50k/annually to qualify, some restrictions apply.

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Why Verascape?

Conversational AI

Our self-service solutions are easy-to-use, productive, conversational and intelligent.

Performance-Based Pricing

We only get paid when we successfully retire your call.

Quick and Easy Implementation

Our team can get you up and running in 30 days or less.

Data Experts at Your Service

Everything we do is driven by data and data integration.

How does it work?

Self-service empowers your customers to answer simple questions, check order status, make payments, and more without long hold times for live agents.

No upfront development costs.

Our cloud-based solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing technical environment, whether it is cloud-based or premise-based. We have implemented thousands of IVR applications and most likely have experience with the same or similar systems to yours. Rest assured that the Verascape implementation process is timely and painless — we do all the heavy-lifting and your IT team will love you for it.

Agent picks up the phone? No fees.

On average, a call handled by a live-agent costs $2.50. With Verascape, many of those same call types are handled by a virtual agent at a fraction of the cost. The best news is, you only get charged a modest transaction fee if the call is successfully retired and does not require any live agent support. That means a whole lot of savings for you.

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Case Study

How did a customer reduce costs by 76% per call?

This national medical diagnostics company was utilizing a premise-based IVR system to answer patient lab results calls from physician offices. Their existing system was in bad shape and ineffective. It had not been updated in 10 years, was no longer being supported by the vendor, and required a complete and expensive overhaul. How did they turn this dismal situation into significant cost savings? Find out by downloading this case study.