Conversational speech and chatbot self-service solutions for catalog, retail and eCommerce

Verascape offers a complete suite of self-service applications for omni-channel marketers across ALL customer communication channels. Here are some examples of the applications we provide to omni-channel marketers:

Order Status

We quickly identify the customer and find their order information. We present them with summary order status and then let them guide us on details they want — all the way to line item detail.

Shipping/Delivery Inquiries

Verascape integrates with all of the third-party shippers to provide callers with the most up-to-date delivery status of their orders.

Returns Status

Customers can self-serve to find out if a returned item has been received and if credit has been applied.

Returns Instructions

Customers can receive easy to understand instructions on how to return items without ever having to speak with a live agent.

Backorder Inquiries

Verascape provides the most current backorder information to customers. Our omni-channel capabilities allow you to send alternative product information via different channels such as SMS, automated chat, and Facebook Messenger.

Store Locator

Customers can quickly and efficiently locate a brick-and-mortar store nearby.

Returns Membership/
Loyalty Program Inquiries

Any membership question can be answered instantly. Membership status, membership expiration date, renewal information and processing, and membership point status.

Product Information

Verascape delivers real-time product descriptions, inventory availability and other product attribute answers.

Catalog Requests

Self-service for catalogs, or any other customer requested collateral. Verascape can feed fulfillment systems via real-time or batch feeds.

Order Processing

Verascape offers a self-service processing solution that is easy to use, productive, efficient, and PCI Level 1 compliant. We leverage existing customer data to understand your customers, products, and services to make the re-order process productive and efficient.


Our expertise in working with and understanding data allows you to more effectively up-sell and cross-sell across all customer communications channels.