Verascape initiates thousands of outbound communications daily for our customers. Outbound communications enable organizations to pro-actively address their customers and create service touch points that otherwise might be missed.

Verascape can initiate outbound communications which simply notify or interactively engage with customers and therefore improve customer satisfaction.

Interactive, professional, and timely conversations with customers that you initiate.

Precision scheduling that enables organizations to optimize customer availability.

Context-sensitive application scripting that dynamically changes based on customer responses.

Capacity to initiate hundreds of simultaneous calls.

Short message service (SMS) solutions that compliment phone channel notifications.

Technology that distinguishes human voice energy from answering machines - and dynamically selects the appropriate script (interactive or static message).

Lower Abandon Rates
No ‘transfer delay’ common with most auto-dialers and therefore much lower abandon rates.

Full compliance with FCC auto-dialing and Do-Not-Call rules.

Real-Time Web Reporting
Near real-time, web-based reporting that allows Verascape customers to continually monitor their caller’s performance.

Graphical Reporting
Net promoter score graphical reporting for easy executive consumption.

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Customer Surveys

Verascape Outbound Surveys

Tracking your customer’s satisfaction is more critical than ever. Customers are continually enticed to switch their allegiances, and knowing where you excel and where you need to improve is fundamental to compete.

Verascape initiates and completes outbound customer satisfaction surveys for some of the most customer service oriented companies in the US. We achieve a higher response rate and much more timely results than either mail or email surveys.

Appointment Reminders

Verascape Outbound Appointment Reminders

Whether you are a cable company, doctor, restaurant or plumber — the cost of missed appointments is huge. That time can never be recovered and the resources set aside to serve the customer cannot be retrieved.

Verascape makes interactive appointment reminder calls asking for verbal confirmation of availability. We can integrate with your appointment book to make real-time changes to scheduling, or we can ‘hot-line’ customers to an assistant for rescheduling — allowing the original appointment slot to be rescheduled and the customer to be accommodated based on their schedule.

Verascape can employ voice, text, and email reminders.

Emergency Communications

Verascape Emergency Communications

Ensuring good customer experiences is tough….but emergency situations are make or break.

Verascape makes emergency follow-up calls to ensure the rescue service has responded. If yes, Verascape will update your customer file with confirmation. If not, Verascape will ‘hot-line’ transfer your customer to a live representative to ensure the situation is handled to completion.

Post Card Replacement

Verascape Outbound Post Card Replacement

For decades, companies have used standard US Mail meet the FTC’s requirement for customer notifications. While fulfilling the FTC requirement, standard mail is expensive, slow, and not at all customer service friendly. And it places the onus on the customer to take action.

Verascape has developed a 24-hour customer notification and confirmation process that meets the FTC requirements, improves the customer experience, and saves millions annually. Verascape’s contact rate within 24 hours is more than 2x the post card contact rate.

Past-Due Notifications

Verascape Past-Due Notifications

Managing receivables is crucial — and traditionally costly. Verascape makes friendly and professional past due reminder calls for our customers.

When we connect with your customer live, we can offer the option to collect payment on the spot or we can transfer the customer to an assistant so the payment can be completed.

Transaction Verifications

Verascape Transaction Verifications

As companies move more transactions online, the risk of fraud increases. Verascape’s timely and professional transaction verification service contacts customers and after validating the call recipient as your customer, can prompt for an acceptance or decline of recent transactions.

As our customer, you choose the follow up interval – it can be as rapid as minutes after a transaction.