Verascape has revolutionized customer and prospect phone interactions with real-time scoring — and the ability to trigger real-time dynamic action plans based on that scoring.

Live Decisions provides a comprehensive, real-time view of the caller as soon as the call is answered. Live Decisions routes and manages the call — per your specifications — for maximum value-add and benefit.

How It Works
Live Decisions leverages your customer data and can supplement decisions with caller specific 3rd party data.

Verascape’s Live Decisions scoring occurs in sub-second time and with no interruption to the caller. By scoring individual callers, Verascape provides knowledge that allows you to make the most of each individual caller / agent interaction.

Superior Performacnce
Live Decisions draws on one of the most comprehensive and unique national 3rd party data suites available in the industry. In addition to real-time use of house-file data, Live Decisions superior performance is driven decision by decision modeling that has the broadest mix of data at its core, including:

  • Compiled consumer data
  • Catalog consortium data
  • Credit bureau data (multiple)
  • Passion Indices

Consistent Customer Communication
Live Decisions integrates as part of your overall customer communications strategy. An inbound call can now become part on an integrated communications process that includes email, outbound calls, text messaging, and outbound direct. Live Decisions ensures consistent customer interaction across all customer communication channels.


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Intelligent Call Routing

Verascape Intelligent Call Routing

Getting your customer to the right place for service based on their value, service needs, or relationship is a nearly undetectable, but highly prized customer service function.

Without asking your customer to press a dozen phone keys, or answering multiple questions, Verascape will identify the caller and immediately route them to the best destination for personalized service. All in the blink of an eye.

Lead Capture and Queue Prioritization

Verascape Lead Capture & Queue Prioritization

In marketing, we know not all leads are equal. In digital or real-time media marketing, the techniques for qualifying the next prospect is expensive and creates an opportunity cost…time consumed with a poor prospect is time not spent with a qualified one.

Identifying and serving best prospects — especially during peak response periods — can mean the difference between profit and loss. Verascape performs real-time scoring and segments respondents based on criteria you set. Best prospects through first and are prioritized for service.

Optimized Selling

Verascape Optimized Selling

Every customer interaction has the potential to be a revenue opportunity. Agent / customer communication time is precious and irrelevant up-sells or cross-sells are lost opportunity.

Scoring customers with Verascape’s Live Decisions before they engage with your agents will optimize the brief interaction time available. Think revenue per minute and you’ll appreciate the benefits of Live Decisions.

Real-Time Credit Profiles

Verascape Real-Time Credit Profiles

Just imagine having the visibility to know when to offer a house credit application or when to extend payment terms with a very high degree of confidence….before you actually interact with the customer.

Verascape’s Live Decisions can score callers on their credit profile and enable you to assess the probability of a good or bad risk offer. Verascape’s Live Decisions uses a highly predictive, proprietary scoring model that will reduce your credit application failures and reduce your bad debt exposure.