Providing customers excellent service — when they want it, with no wait time — is one of the most important factors in defining your brand. Verascape allows customers to help themselves with highly professional, easy to use voice automated services.

With real-time links to your database, Verascape can provide up-to-the-minute customer service at a fraction of the cost of a live agent.

Highest Completion Rates
Highest caller self-service rates in the industry. Verascape is the industry leader in caller identification — which is the critical success factor in automated self-service.

Proven Results
Proven results across all demographics. At least 50% of Verascape’s transactions are conducted with callers over 55 years old.

Easy to Use
Inviting and easy to use, Verascape immediately engages the caller in a productive dialogue. Verascape’s unique data-enabled scripting and call flow solutions ensure streamlined and to-the-point caller interactions.

Pay for Success Pricing
Verascape pioneered pay-for-success transaction pricing – a completely risk-shared pricing model that motivates us as an active customer service partner.

Cloud-Based Delivery
Cloud based delivery eliminates IVR operations, IT staff, and call center overhead.

Over a dozen years of experience have allowed Verascape to define best practices models for self service transactions. Verascape employs these best practices with each new self-service application we deploy.

Near real-time, web-based reporting that allows Verascape customers to continually monitor their caller’s performance.

Easily Adaptable and Expandable
Verascape’s re-usable applications model makes new implementations very inexpensive and adaptable to any industry.

Complete redundancy of all systems, and geographically diverse data-centers with full failover capability insures ‘always-on’ services.

No Queue Times
Verascape delivers on-demand call processing capacity ensure calls are answered with no queue times.

All major telephony carriers (and many regional carriers) are supported at Verascape hosting centers. Verascape also offers end-to-end Voice over IP (VoIP) services.

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Order Processing Solutions

Verascape Self-Service Order Processing

Verascape delivers a comprehensive self service order processing solution that is PCI compliant. Verascape processes thousands of real-time self service orders every month for customers.

  • Full order header capture
  • SKU and quantity selections (including style, size, color)
  • Credit / debit card collection. Mod10 checks or fully integrated with card processors
  • Ship to / bill to address collection
  • Shipping method collection
  • Real-time update of order database
  • Full up sell / cross sell capability
  • Delivery of order confirmation details and order confirmation number
Customer Service Solutions

Verascape Customer Self-Service

Verascape offers a suite of customer service self-service solutions. Verascape’s successful transaction rates lead the industry — in some cases 2 to 3 times more successful. Here are some examples of Verascape’s portfolio of over 30 customer service solutions:

Order Status: Verascape quickly identifies the customer and finds their order information. We present the customer with summary order status and then let them guide us on details they want — all the way to line item detail. Verascape integrates with shippers databases in order to provide callers with the most up-to-date status.

Backorder Inquiries: Verascape provides the most current backorder information available to customers.

Returns Status: Customers are advised if a returned item has been received and provides status of account credit.

Membership / Loyalty Plan Inquiries: Any membership question can be answered. Membership status, membership expiration date, renewal information and processing, and membership point status.

Benefits Status: Any benefits question can be answered. Benefits status, renewal date and renewal processing, claims submission, claims status and disposition.

Product Information: Verascape delivers real-time financial data, product descriptions, inventory availability and other product attribute questions.

Collateral Requests: Self service for product materials, catalogs, warranty documents, or any other customer requested collateral. Verascape can feed fulfillment systems via batch or real-time feeds.

Lead Generation Solutions

Verascape Lead Capture Solutions

Verascape’s lead capture services are the most comprehensive in the industry. We apply our industry leading caller identification techniques to make the call as brief as possible — and thereby increasing lead capture rates. In addition, Verascape can integrate its Live Decisions real-time scoring solution and once the caller is scored, Verascape will apply your business rules to optimize the interaction.

Action examples include hot-line transfer of most promising prospects directly to an agent, automate the caller name /address / phone capture for follow up….or anything in between.

Intelligent Call Routing Solutions

Intelligent Call Routing

Verascape uses relevant caller data (from your database or national 3rd party sources) in addition to the caller’s stated intention for calling for real-time call routing decisions.

Verascape’s Intelligent Call Routing employs real-time scoring by customer status, purchase history, demographics, credit qualifications, and hundreds of other relevant data points. Scoring can be as simple or as complex as necessary for the circumstance. Companies can score on dozens of different factors. Verascape’s Intelligent Call Routing scores map to customer business rules.

  • Best customers to best available agents
  • Call center agents prompted ahead of call on appropriate credit offers and payment plans
  • Call center agents prompted to present ‘best chance’ offers, up sells, and cross sells
  • Real-time decision to engage agents during call center peak periods so valuable agent time is optimized